Competition Rules Training

Resolvit has developed a highly-rated and effective competition rules training programme that explains the basic principles of competition legislation in an accessible, non-legal way. We reduce complex legislation into simple rules and decision-making trees to help attendees evaluate individual situations.

We don’t teach competition law, we educate attendees to identify when they may be dealing with a competition issue and where to go for help.  We use actual business situations and cases using an interactive Prezi format which is ideally suited for scenario-based training.

Competition Rules Training Presentation

For a snapshot of how a competition rules training Prezi works: Click on the arrow to start


Resolvit has successfully trained thousands of employees from local and global companies via face-to-face seminars and Webinars in Australasia, Asia, USA and Europe. Our training consistently receives excellent feedback:

“A very eye-opening and informative course with plenty of points to be aware of when dealing with customers and competitors.”

“David was fantastic-he kept everyone interested in relevant case studies was very clear.”

“Such a complex topic that was simplified very well.”

“I have a lot to learn about trade practices that I was unaware of.”

“Great presentation style excellent examples and case studies.”

“Professional and informative.”

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